Pro United is a wholesale depot for all finished flooring goods and services, excluding poured terrazzo floors. We will help any client (businesses, real estate owners, architects, designers, general contractors etc…) manage the process of purchasing flooring and window treatments from the beginning of the design process all the way through the final step of installation. If you need any material suggestions please look at our “links” page for product websites or call…

Joe Rizzo at 617.304.8732



After 25 years of working primarily in residential retail flooring and window treatments, Charlie J. Rizzo founded Pro United Incorporated in 1997 to capitalize on commercial construction projects throughout New England. With almost 30 years in the industry, Charlie has forged many reliable relationships with distributors, manufacturer, sales reps, and installers. In 2006, Joseph A. Rizzo joined the company after receiving a B.S. in Architecture at Roger Williams University, at which time Pro United was able to incorporate larger commercial projects into its daily operations. In 2012, Charlie retired.